Monday 20th May 2019
Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld

Samuel L. Blumenfeld has spent the last 30 years writing about American education and seeking answers to such baffling questions as: Why is America experiencing a decline in literacy? Why are so many American children afflicted with learning disabilities? Why are the schools pushing sex ed, drug ed, and Ritalin, but are dead-set against intensive phonics and rote memorization of arithmetic facts?

Born, and educated in New York City, Dr. Bumenfeld graduated from The City College of New York in 1950 and worked for ten years in the book publishing industry. His articles have appeared in many publications including, and he has lectured and held seminars in all fifty states and Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand. He has also tutored and taught in private schools and as a substitute in public schools. He is, no doubt, one of the world’s leading authorities on the teaching of reading. In 1986 he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by Bob Jones University.¬†Samuel L. Blumenfeld is the author of eight books on education, including: Is Public Education Necessary? NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education, The Whole Language/OBE Fraud, and Homeschooling: A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Children.

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